How to Pick your first Shotgun

Shotguns are incredibly versatile firearms that can be used for many different purposes. They excel at hunting and sport shooting, and can even be used for self-defense. Deciding on the perfect shotgun for you is largely dependent on your specific use or uses. It’s also important to learn the limitations of the shotgun you select. Overall, this guide will help you find the perfect shotgun for you. SHOTGUN USES HUNTING: Whether you’re hunting small or large game, shotguns have always been a great choice. With so many different options in ammunition, shotguns are versatile tools for hunting. If you plan on hunting with your shotgun, you’ll want to have a longer barrel length to help control the spread of pellets. This becomes especially important at longer ranges. Break-open and pump-action shotguns are two great options for hunting because of their reliability and simplicity. While the speed of a semi-automatic shotgun is often preferred for waterfowl. When walking around the woods, it helps to have a firearm that can withstand dirt and water and still function.SPORT SHOOTING: There are many different kinds of sport-shooting competitions for all types of enthusiasts. Along with the traditional trap and skeet shooting, there are 3-Gun competitions as well. If you plan to use your shotgun for competition shooting, take a look at the types of shotguns some of the pros are using for that sport. You may not need their exact model, but getting a feel for the platform will help with your decision. Most shooters use an over/under shotgun for things like skeet shooting, while semi-automatic shotguns are popular for 3-Gun competitions. PERSONAL DEFENSE: If you are looking at a shotgun for personal defense, you’ll want to consider something with an increased magazine capacity. Having some spare ammunition is an important asset when your life is on the line. Pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns are great for self-defense because they utilize magazine tubes for increased capacity and have a fast firing rate for follow-up shots.

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