How To Become a Certified Firearm Specialist

Learn Firearm Competence, and become Confident.

We took the confusion out of the field of firearms and ammunition and made them easy to learn. Let us unlock the confusion and protect you from the dangers of injury, job stress, embarrassment, civil suit, arrest, or lost court cases, or loss of license. Become one of the leaders in this technical field!

We formed the IFSA, to be the first and only company to offer a simplified step-by-step program that takes you from whatever your present knowledge-level, to become a safe, accurate, and competent Specialist.  A Specialist is someone who devotes themselves to the pursuit of excellence and seeks to be the best in that field.

Become accredited as a CFS

Becoming a Certified Firearm Specialist, says that you have reached the benchmark set by the IFSA as a credentialed professional. One who is conscious of safe handling practices, skilled in the accurate ID of firearms and ammunition, and competent to explain these issues, as well as their classification, nomenclature and mechanical-operation. Our Certified Firearm Specialist program can be taken at your pace, in your spare time, or at work. It’s divided into short building blocks that make learning simple. The whole course can be completed in a matter of days depending on your present knowledge-level, and is easily affordable.

If you want to quickly learn how to be better at your job, and to avoid problems and legal issues, you can learn from your home or office using our E-Learning program!  We make it possible for you to avoid making costly mistakes due to having been poorly informed. We provide citations from Federal law and ATF rulings for every point taught, in order to ensure accuracy.

Ready to get started? Here on the Online Training tab you’ll see a list of the training modules available. By clicking on any one of them, you’ll see a free portion of that module, which you can watch, by clicking on the arrow in the center of the video screen.

Once you’re ready to start, go back to the Online Training tab, and click Purchase.

Then choose the module(s) you wish to take by checking the box for each module that you wish to purchase and click “submit”. Then click “Pay with Card”. Then enter the required information and click the blue “Pay” button which indicates the amount charged. This will return you to the Purchase page where you will click “Continue to the Module”.   The modules vary in length, and the lengths are indicated on each one. We suggest that as you go through a module, you pause the screen as necessary, and take notes. After finishing the video, please study your notes until you know the material. At that point, you should take the online test. The test is a combination of multiple-choice and true/false questions. The length of the test varies with the length of the training module. Please note that everything covered in the module will be the subject of a test question unless otherwise stated in the video.

When you pass the test, you will be given instructions on how to print your certificate of completion for that module. If you should fail a test for a particular module, you can retake the test a maximum of 2 more times. If you should fail to pass the test within 3 attempts, you are excluded from testing for that module, until you retake the module at your expense.

Upon completing all modules, and having achieved a passing score on each, you will become accredited by the IFSA as a Certified Firearm Specialist. Since many people take the modules in varying order, please email us and let us know  when you have completed the course. You will then be sent a separate certificate of your achievement status as a CFS, as well as embroidered patches for your uniform or other display, a cloisonné lapel pin, and other items.

We at the IFSA wish you the best of luck in your new field of specialization!

IFSA staff members are from the ranks of ATF, CPD, NYPD, the SAPS, and includes two Forensic Pathology Medical Doctors. We have a combined 350 years of experience with firearms and ammunition!

This training is intended for every law-abiding person, whether in law enforcement, the firearm industry, military and security personnel. It benefits Attorneys, uniformed Officers and Detectives, as well as Crime Scene Investigators, Prosecuting Attorneys, and Medical Examiners/Coroners. Active-duty Military, Private Security, Crime Analysts, and Evidence Custodians can also benefit from the training.

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